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We suck at photoshop

RACISTS WITH ATTITUDES! THAT’S THE NAME OF THE GROUP AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO Witness The Strength of Straight up Racist Knowledge! Yes Hulk & Hogan Paula Deen, Two Celebrities who have had their careers almost destroyed because of the “N” word, have now teamed up to form The Worlds Most Dangerous- we mean- um Racist Rap Group! ” R.W.A”,N.W.A ” Eat your Heart out”! Of course we’re just kidding, but honestly folks in Today’s Crazy, Mixed up World would anybody actually be surprised if this really happened?

What if these two decided to turn tragedy into triumph and went all out with it & took on Straight up Swagged out & Totally Turned up Rap Personas? From “Straight outta Compton” to “Straight out Da Cornfields” Hulk Hogan would be known as Hulk Hizzee & Paula Deen would be referred to as Paula “on nat” D”! And if she ever decided to take things seriously & be a real Female Rapper we put together this Top Ten list of the things she’ll need in order to effectively compete with other Female Rappers.

1. Get butt injections
2. Get plastic Surgery
3. Talk Nasty
4. Have an Attitude for absolutely no Reason at all
6.Claim you’re The Queen Bee
7. Talk Nasty
8. Get more plastic surgery, get more Butt injections
9. Claim you’re The Queen Bee again
10. Bend over & bust it wide open!

We understand that as a reader you might need to take a lil break now, after imagining Paula on nat D bending over & bustin it wide open, we understand. And Hulk Hogan if you ever decided to take things seriously and be a Real Rapper, we also put together this Top Ten list for you.

Hulk Hizee will do the following.
1. Drink Sizzurp
2. Get Arrested
3. Have Several Baby Mamas
4.Smoke That Gas (weed)
5. Get Arrested
6. Have His Tour Bus Shot up!
7. Claim God but grab his Crotch & Curse
8. Get Arrested
9. Get Arrested
10. Say The Word ” N****r

It’s so funny that in 2015 there has been so much new ground broken, with the passing of Marriage & Eqaulity laws,that everybody has an open mind towards things that used to be perceived as Absolutlely Ridiculous & Unbelievable ( like Michael Jacksons children ) but now after The Brainwashing- um- we mean The Accepting of other people’s views and ideologies it’s completely safe to say that something like this could totally happen!

Totally! And for those who disbelieve I got two words for you “Caitlyn I used to be Bruce Jenner” ok actually that’s 7 words but whose counting? ( Besides that weird lil vampire dude on Sesame Street). The point is after The Caitlyn Jenner thingy there s pretty much nothing else out there that will shock us. We all laugh at this but honestly how far as a society are we away from this actually happening? How long before Caitlyn forms her own Rap duo with Paula Deen and what would they call it “Tuck & Roll”?

We suck at photoshop
We suck at photoshop

I will leave you with this, I would go to a Hulk Hizzee & Paula. On. Nat D concert! Yes I’d even sit up front & show mad love, I’d do the water toss, the head nod, give dat & all that, as a matter of fact I would totally support that concert & so would the thousands of black people around me, yep! It’d be all love & everything would be going super swell.

Until Hulk Hizee & Paula on nat D say the word N****r! Then………….. Then that’s when the stage gets bum rushed & the RWA’S get beat up by the NWA’s! Shout out to Dr Dre, Eazy E, Ice Cube, Mc Ren & Dj Yella. NWA the only people who can say the word N****r and get away with it.

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