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His Name Is Fleece Johnson aka “The Booty Warrior” He Became Semi Famous when a documentary surfaced quoting him saying how he loved booty and that booty in jail was more important than food. He was released from jail in 2014 and somehow this man caught up with Convicted Rapist & Newly Crowned Poster Boy for “White Privilege” Brock Turner.

Turner who was recently released from jail after only serving 3 months of a 6 month sentence, that originally was supposed to be 16 yrs. Reportedly was alone in his Homestyle Olympian Sized Pool painting his toenails & listening to Michael Jacksons ” This Is It”.

When Suddenly Fleece the Booty Warrior attacked him, switched the music to R. Kelly’s “I Don’t See Nothing Wrong With a Lil Bump & Grind”, beat him senselessly, stripped naked, hopped In the pool, And Then Raped Him!

Turners Mother said ” I honestly never thought a man could scream that high”! I thought someone was playing an Old Prince Record or that Donald Trump had just announce he was gonna kill himself”!

“But when i turned that corner and saw that Big Black man Raping my son my heart sank! I mean my poor Brocky was getting pounded worse than a 5$ crack whore 3 in the morning at Kensington & Somerset”!

“I could see in his eyes he wanted me to help him,  but i couldn’t, but i could give him advice. So i looked him in his eyes ( which were rolling up into the back of his eyelids ) and gave him the only advice a Loving Mother could give a son in that situation,  and that advice was this”.

“Stop Clenching Up Your Butt Cheeks”! Just Relax and take it like a man”!

The Police, who were under alert, eventually showed up & apprehended The Booty Warrior, who while being carted away blurted out ” Man ain’t no Booty like dat Aqua Booty Baby! “What i did Underwater turned your Son into a Daughter”!

When told by reporters that he had just raped Brock Turner a convicted rapist who had gotten away with a light sentence for raping an unconscios woman and that he would possibly be seen as a Hero to many people for the Poetic Justice in  his actions, his response was.

“Naw man i dont even know who Brock Turner is, all i know is i seens a pretty lil half naked white boy in the tub and i hads ta go for mine”!

Looks like Brock wil be gettin a new sentence.  “Life”! in Diapers!

Abe Finklestein

Sports Humour


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