f35897d2-e6ac-4204-a9cb-9eceb224c7baAbe Finklestein is a Bonafide Sports Humour Website created by South Carolina native Beefy “funny” Barnes a South Carolina import and thugged out nerd who now resides in Phila’s University City.

My  mission if to make you laugh very hard! I  call myself  The King of Sports Humour because I’ve checked the competition (and boy are they good) however they’re not as willing to go as far as i go in the stupid upon stupid department!. To be honest i write 100% of the material you read on this site. And Completely much run it from top to bottom! Concepts, ideas and daily maintenance.

Most Sports Humour Websites concentrate heavily on the Sports in lightly on the Humour, I don’t! I try to go as far in as possible as a matter of fact if you’re a fan of South Park or Family Guy then chances are you will love this site!

My  influences are Mad & Cracked Magazine, Bugs Bunny  The 3 Stooges The Wayans Brothers  & The Zucker Brothers of The Naked Gun fame. I  seek to be a Full Service Sports Humour website that produces real reports that are presented in an over the top humorous way and sometimes just flat out fake news for the hell of it!

Check out our  YouTube page for a hilarious but unique presentation of sports. Im  looking for my audience and  I hope they’re looking for me as well as I put forth good humor for the common man as well as the rich snobs.

P.s.  “Eat at Joe’s”! Um… I kinda just always wanted to say that, I know it doesn’t apply here but………

Abe Finklestein

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