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GREENBAY PACKERS FANS DON’T PLAY THAT! After practically all of America Witnessed Green Bay Packers player Brandon Bostic screw up and pull a Homer Simpson on an onside kick Several Green Bay fans (501) to be exact took to Twitter and went totally H.A.M on poor Brandon for committing that huge blunder that crushed any and all hopes of a Green Bay Super Bowl appearance this year. In Brandon’s defense ( original source article “Fans grief over Packers Loss goes to far as Brandon Bostic receives threatening tweets” – (Shakara Howard ) admitted he was supposed to be blocking on Seattle’s onside kick so Jordy Nelson could grab the ball “BUT” ( and this is possibly the biggest but of all times – no disrespect J- LO ) he ended up tipping the ball into Seattle’s hands. Even though Brandon got all humble and church boy nice about the whole thing and apologetically tweeted” I’m human and I make mistakes” ( yea tell that ta Jeb and the boys down on the farm in Good ole Wisconsin ) The fans still went totally Medieval on dat Azz and issued no less than 501 mean and nasty tweets! And some of them were Death Threats! You better lay low for awhile in Good ole Green Bay Brandon don’t go ridin with your top down cause you just might get your top taken off! We wish you the best Brandon but your huge (Walmart size 14 caterpillar work shoes ) blunder cut deep and really hurt all those super passionate Cheeseheads. So in closing we say hey Football Fans the next time your in Green Bay and somebody asks you who cut the cheese??………….Say Brandon Bostic.

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