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The King of Sports Humour LET’S GET STRAIGHT TO IT! BLAKE GRIFFIN RECENTLY GOT INTO A FIGHT WITH HIS TEAMS ( The L.A Clippers ) Equipment Manager and as a result he ended up Punching the guy in his face! Bad! real Bad! How Bad? ” Fetty Wap trying to sing the national anthem bad”! Im just gonna go on ahead and diagnose Blake with a little known Mental Disorder known as. ” Lite Skinned Black Man Rage”

Yes, this is a real disorder and it stems from Lite Skinned black men being the recipients of nonstop lite skinned black man jokes that just don’t stop! NEVER!  EVER!
And as a result, sometimes liteskinned black men have been known to just punch people in the face! So this is what Blake is suffering from.

But Blake you’re wasting your punches, you see that equipment manager might’ve been a d*ck but he’s not a publicly known d*ck, so basically that punch was thrown in vain. So as a result I’ve put together a list of very well known public d*cks,who very much deserve to be punched in the face! And here it is.


The King of Sports HumourNO. 1 Donald Trump – His ridiculous combover hairstyle alone warrants that punch but when you add in all the racially charged statements that have been further dividing this Country and the fact he’s probably taking a dump in this picture, then yes! He deserves a Nice Blake Griffin Punch!
( Hawaiian Punch kiss my azz! Yes i just stole y’all slogan )

The King of Sports HumourNO. 2 – Drake- Trust me on this one Blake, this is a freebie! No one will really care, yea Drake has a lot of fans and they’ll be pissed but after seeing Diddy get away with it, trust me Blake you can get away with this one.  Actually i like Drake’s Music and he really doesn’t deserve to get punched in the face but the bottomline is Blake you can get away with giving Drake a Nice Blake Griffin Punch! ( in the face ) but personally, i think Meek Mills is literally gonna beat you to the punch on this one.

imageNO. 3 -Chip Kelly- This Former Head Coach of The Phila. Eagles pissed off so many loyal & dedicated fans with his Napoleon like arrogance and his total dismantling of an already good team. He took absolutely no blame for it & practically forced Owner Jeffery Lurie to fire him prematurely, inevitably leading to the Eagles, who just 1 yr. ago were a competing team right in the thick of things to start over from scratch! Blake! I’m begging you on this one and as a matter of fact i believe i speak for all Phila Eagles fans when i say Chip Kelly definitely needs a Nice Blake Griffin Punch! ( in the face )

imageNO. 4 – Steve Harvey-  I Simply Don’t Like Steve Harvey! Thats it! But when you add that to the fact that he screwed up the results of The Miss Universe Pageant causing Miss Columbia to be Publicly Humiliated & Probably Psychologically Scarred for life, and the fact that he wrote a book telling women to think like men,  then yea man aint no rap,  you Steve Harvey without a doubt deserve to be the recipient of a Niceeeee Blake Griffin Punch! ( in the face )

imageNO. 5 – Stacey Dash- Yes i know she’s a women but this is an equal opportunity list, I don’t discriminate so yes! Stacey can get it too! And why? Well besides the fact that her forehead is big enough to play a game of wall ball on, it’s Those Oscar Statements, You see Stacey you make it harder for your own people when you agree with the powers that be, and shamelessly promote the same stupid concepts that they do. I mean c’mon Stace you’re supposed to be on ” OUR SIDE” not “THEIR SIDE” what the hell are you doing? You know what? It doesnt matter what you’re doing, cause my man Blake Griffin is coming to give you just what you deserve. A Nice Blake Griffin Punch! ( in the face)

–editors note: I don’t endorse hitting women, this is just comedy–

There it is y’all! There’s my list, and remember Blake if you decide to take this list personally and actually punch people in the face! Dont tell em i told you to do it!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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