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SEE THAT MAN ABOVE WELL DONT BE FOOLED BY THE BABYFACE this man is a Gangster! A Silent Gangster that is. This is Howie Roseman a guy who even as a kid when most of his friends were playing with Matchbox cars and Pokemon cards Howie was analyzing and making draft decisions. (that’s gangster) As a kid he’s on a plane sees a man and identifies him as Jack Elway Stanford’s Head coach & John Elway’s Father. At age 7 he impresses the Sr. elway enough that he gives lil howie his business card. (that’s gangster) Howie “um we mean Mr. Roseman turned a 250$ weekly salary into a 1.5 million yearly salary, was responsible for making key moves in bringing in Chip Kelly & V.P of player personnel Tom Gamble which ultimately led to getting this franchise back on track. (that’s gangster) Was the youngest & still is the youngest person ever to hold the title of G.M not bad for a kid whose mom wouldnt let him play peewee football for the local team. Born in Brooklyn but raised in Jersey who knew this guy would become the Silent empowering force behind the Eagles pulling in a milly point five a year! Who knew that this guy who’s probably 140 pds. soaking wet would go on to control the destiny of guys nearly 3 times his size! (that’s gangster) And last but not least who gets demoted and recieves a 13% 200,000$ raise in the same week? Not me Not you but you know who Howie Roseman the guy who made sure all those Awesome Phila. Eagles fans had a reason to show up, stand up, root, holler, talk trash, gloat be proud and hold there heads high cause they’re team’s a winner! Now that’s Gangster. now kneel down & kiss the ring before Howie makes you sleep with the fishes.

sports humour</strong>


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