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Super Bowl breaking news


Jerry Rice is a racist.

Jerry Rice did a racist Super Bowl commercial that offended Mexico and  a Nation. “Avocado’s from Mexico” was sung in a stereotypical voice.
The commercial started off cute and showed the first draft ever where different Nations across the world drafted animals into their land. Australia drafted Kangaroos, Brazil drafted the Sloth, the came Mexico.
When it was Mexico’s turn to draft an animal, they drafted the avocado because apparently, they are stupid. They didn’t know that an avocado isn’t an animal. The commercial essentially called Mexico stupid.
The Mexican President just released a statement, “Me no find da comercial funny. Me no like it.”
​Roger Goodell said he’s okay with the commercial because it hasn’t offended white people and The NFL has Taco Bell as a Sponsor so that proves were not racist. The Bottomline is this…..there is no Bottomline who’s hungry were treating to Taco Bell.



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