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The King of Sports Humour WE POSE THIS QUESTION TO ABOUT 70-80% OF ALL FOOTBALL FANS, ASK YOURSELF WHY DO YOU HATE DALLAS COWBOYS QAURTERBACK TONY ROMO? Really why? Is it because he’s never been to a Super Bowl? Is it the countless playoff chokes or his past relationship with the Totally Hot & Smoking Jessica Simpson? What is it Football Fans? Just ask yourselves why are you so ROMOPHOBIC?
The King of Sports Humour
With all this talk of equality going around, isn’t it time we open our minds to the fact that it’s not the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s where a Starting QB was expected to Win Playoffs & Superbowls! Isn’t it time we stop being Neanderthals? Isn’t it time we all stop living in the past? Isn’t it time we all stop being Bigoted & Intolerant to Tony’s feelings as a slightly better than average QB?
The King of Sports Humour
As Football Fans we have to learn to accept Tony’s Averageness (totally made that word up) put aside our differences and come together as One! Under the Stripes & Colors of … Um… Averageness. If there was such thing as A Football Bible I’m sure it would tell us all not to Judge Tony, but accept him. And just what are we all afraid of anyway? Do we actually think that some of that Averageness will jump off of him onto us?
The King of Sports Humour
Face it, we’re ROMOPHOBIC and face it! That pix of a Young Tony Romo Sucks! But worse than that (as if you can actually get worse than that pix) we probably teach our kids to be ROMOPHOBIC. Hey don’t you think our kids see us when we sit in front of the TV and scream countless Romoacial Slurs (combination of Romo & Racial) at poor Tony? They see & hear this & they immulate us, we’re teaching our kids to be little ROMOPHOBES.
The King of Sports Humour
Let’s stop This Intolerable Tony Romo Hatred & Bigotry folks. Just ask yourselves, how many of us have a friend who has a Tony Romo Jersey? Huh? You see we all have Romo Friends & when you break it all down Tony’s just a regular guy just like us, he puts his pants on one leg at a ti— ok I won’t go that far but you get the picture.

Listen, I have a Dream! A Dream that one day a Little White Girl in a Tony Romo Jersey can walk down The Street holding hands with a Grown Black Man wearing a Phila. Eagles Jersey & they both will smoke from the Pipe of Peace. Even though The Grown Black Man will more than likely get arrested for Smoking a Pipe with a Child, but that’s besides the point!

The Point is , Tony has every right to be a slightly better than average QB and though you may not agree with it, it’s his right as an American Citizen. Besides, you can’t run from it, Average People are everywhere. They are Doctors & Lawyers they are our Neighbors & Co- workers, hey they even have Average Pastors now & pretty soon were sure to have The First Average President. ( insert Bush & Reagan jokes here )

So you see there’s no need to be afraid of change, and moving forward in the name of tolerance, because when you break it all down to its finest essence and remove all titles and judgement, what you have left is the unmistakeable fact that Tony Romo is just like us, yes he is…… Except for the countless playoff chokes, the million dollar contract despite never winning a Super Bowl, having talented co-workers that make him look better, aaaand being Average. But Besides that, he’s just like us.

P.s: no he’s not but you’ll have to excuse me I’m still just a little bit ROMOPHOBIC, but hey! Aren’t we all?

Abe Finklestein
Adayus Knight
Sports Humour


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