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The King Of Sports Humour
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EVERYBODY WHO LIVES IN PHILA, OR IS A FAN OF THE PHILA EAGLES, Or NFL Football, knows that going into The 2015 season that Sam Bradford would be The Starting QB & Mark ( nobody cares Sanchez) would be the second string backup For The Phila Eagles . But wait! What about the 3rd string QB? Well the name Matt Barkley comes to mind, and much like your parents liquor cabinet growing up, for the last two years he’s had this position on lock!


But not now, because in the offseason Chip Kelly, a man whose got more cuts than a Prison Barber ( ouch!) brought in Tim Tebow to compete with Barkley for a position that every lil boy dreams about growing up. Yes! The Highly Coveted Position of 3rd String QB! Remember when you were growing up and your Teacher asked you what you wanted to be when you became grown? And your answer was ” I Wanna Be A 3rd String QB”! Remember that y’all???….. Um nobody? Just me? Ok! Never mind, the following is a quick breakdown & comparison of how these two 3rd String QB’S played in The Eagles vs Colts Preseason Opener.


But let me first say  that despite all the jokes, having a capable 3rd string QB is very necessary & important, you know kinda like telling your women she doesn’t look Fat in that New Dress. ( brothers you know what I’m talkin bout)
The King of Sports Humour
Tebow completed 6 of 12 passes for 69 yards, and took three sacks. But he got everybody hyped and a lot of Green Koolaid Pumping when he ran in a 7-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter following Indy’s second lost fumble of the contest. On his 1st drive he went 4-4 and had us all saying ” OK”! But then for the rest of the game he went 2-8 and had us all saying ” OH NO”!

Honestly he holds the ball to long and isn’t very good at reading 2nd & 3rd options.
The King of Sports Humour
Yes Tebow ran for that Touchdown!, But Matt Barkley was clearly the better 3rd String Eagles QB Sunday. He finished 12 of 20 with 192 yards and one interception, and led Philly on a five-play, 76-yard touchdown drive as the first quarter closed out. On some plays he looked good, hitting the player in stride with his passes, but on other plays he look lost and did the complete opposite.

Let’s just say he’s consistently inconsistent.

To be fair to both QB’S, The 3rd String “O” line wasn’t much help, they were weaker than Jim Irsay’s ability to say no to Alcohol. But hey! There’s hope! this is preseason right? They’ll both get better! Yea sure, and Dr Dre will finally drop that Album we’ve been waiting 15 yrs. for. Oh wait! He did drop it, see there is Hope.

Sports Humour


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