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]The King of Sports HumourNOW THAT MICHAEL SAM aka THE FIRST OPENLY GAY PRO FOOTBALL PLAYER Has signed to the CFL specifically The Canadian Alouette’s, we thought now would be a perfect time to remind all you Sports fans that going to The CFL isn’t necessarily a Death Sentence.

There are actual Success Stories, yes players who went there and came back to The NFL and had great careers.So we put together a list of these Players, and by the way they were not openly gay but more than likely they were probably openly broke seeing as though they were playing in the CFL.

But first a few mandatory jokes about Michael Sam. An Alouette is the Canadian word for Lark. A lark is a bird and a bird is something Michael Sam umm…never mind, Lark’s are normally found in dry regions where Michael Sam is usually found in…… Umm…never mind.

Though Michael Sam is a Defensive Player he asked if he can switch to center so the quarterbacks hands would be…umm…
Never mind we’ve met our Gay joke quota lets get to The List.

The King of Sports  Humour

No.1- Joe Horn, wide receiver: 603 receptions, 8,744 receiving yards, 58 touchdown receptions.- He played for The New Orleans Saints, yay! He made it!, Boy does he look tough.

The King of Sports Humour
No.2- Jeff Garcia, quarterback: 61.6% completion percentage, 25,537 passing yards, 161 touchdown passes, 83 interceptions, 87.5 quarterback rating, 2,140 rushing yards, 26 rushing touchdowns.- He played for The Philadelphia Eagles, yay! He made it! Looks confused in this pix but yay!

The King of Sports Humour
No.3- Cameron Wake, defensive end: 63 sacks,12 forced fumbles,12 passes deflected, 2 fumble recoveries, 248 total tackles.- Umm.. Never heard of em. But yay! He made it!
The King of Sports Humour

No.4- Joe Theismann, quarterback: 56.7% completion percentage, 25,206 passing yards, 160 touchdown passes, 138 interceptions, 77.4 quarterback rating, 1,815 rushing yards, 17 rushing touchdowns, 77 career, wins Super Bowl XVII champion.- He got his leg ridiculously, cartoon like broke by Lawrence Taylor. Um.. yay! He– nevermind
The King of Sports Humour

No.5- Warren Moon, quarterback: 58.4% completion percentage, 49,325 passing yards, 291 touchdown passes, 233 interceptions, 80.9 quarterback rating, 1,736 rushing yards, 22 rushing touchdowns, 102 career wins, Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.- He’s Black! That’s it. Yay!

These 5 players and many more, well not many more, but other players give Michael Sam hope that he can go play Football with our Northern neighbors and possibly someday make his way back South and play in the NFL and hopefully make it on to this list.

If he can make that happen he’ll finally be known as Michael Sam The Football player not Michael Sam aka The Gay Football Player from Dancing With The Stars. Did he even win? Who cares. Yay!

Adayus Knight
Sports Humour


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