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The More Things Change The More Things Stay The Same! Especially In The NFL! Where Players Can Literally Get Away With Murder & Still Keep A Job. Ezekiel Elliot, Ray Rice, Dante Stallworth, Tom Brady & The Pats + Colin “Martin Luther” Kaepernick. Yes! They All Get Addressed In This Video.

Good Ole Roger Goodell Has His Hands Full Basically Running An Adult Daycare Full Of Overgrown, Overpaid Privileged A-Holes! Yea That Just About Describes About 70% Of The League!

And Sometimes He Has To Finesse The Rules A Little Bit To Keep That Billion Dollar Empire Known As The NFL Going! But Hey What Would You Do In His Situation? Would You Continuously Bounce Star Players from Marquee Teams To The Point Where You Were Losing Revenue?

Or Would You Stand Up & Do The Right Thing?

Here’s What You Would Probably Do. You’d Get Together With Your High Priced Million Dollar Lawyers ( Like Roger Goodell ) Craft Out A Beautifully Eloquent Statement That Seemingly Makes It Look Like You’re Saying & Doing The Right Thing But In Actuality You’re Screwing Everybody!

Big Corporations Such As The NFL, Practically Invented It! Hell, They Live By It! Don’t Believe Me Just Watch! Hey! You Smart Sports Fans Know The Deal.

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Abe Finklestein
Sports News & Humor


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