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The King of Sports HumourJOSPH RANDLE WAS ONCE THE STARTING RUNNING BACK FOR THE DALLAS COWBOYS. Well he’s no longer the starter and it’s for 2 reasons. First, he sucks. Him sucking is a big reason he’s no longer the starter. It’s probably the only reason that matters. Tony Romo probably nicknamed him “lollipop” because he sucks! The second reason is because of Donald trump. Yes Donal Trump! Sources say Randle just wanted to watch a replay of the Presidential debate. Without permission he borrowed Romo’s laptop and streamed a replay of the debate on his tv so he could root for his boy Donald or D Trizzle as he calls him. ​

Its being said that After popping some popcorn and putting on his Trump wig he snuggled in his chair and readied to enjoy his life. Then all hell broke loose! The tv went black. The surprise look on Randle’s face turned to anger. As he tuned to wreak havoc on the bastard that interrupted his dream, he saw Jerry Jones standing there holding the tv remote. ​Jerry yelled, “blah blah blah blah blah.” No one understood what the hell he was saying with that thick Texas accent. But we think he was basically saying “this is a Chris Christie locker room. We like our politicians’ fat, loud & stinky looking! And with that Randle being the physical specimen that he is rose to his feet in an intimidating manner & solemly stared Jerry Jones dead in the eye and with all he could muster, whimpered, “Boo hoo, I’m going home.” First you bench me & now this!

We asked Donald Trump for a response on this matter and he said “Im gonna build a wall in Texas to keep all The Mexicans out!” After being informed that this article wasn’t about Mexicans but Cowboys RB Joseph Randle possibly getting fired, his response was…..


Adayus Knight
Sports Humour


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