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The king of sports humour

Tony Stewart and Truex jr. Are all friendly wiendsy again after that big blow up the other day in which Stewart got all up in Truex’s face accusing Him of cutting him off on a straightaway! They both chilled out And got all peace and loving  and Ghandi like by Monday afternoon when Truex explained that he had misjudged Stewart’s momentum. “It was just kind of a racing deal,” Truex said. “I was on the outside of the No. 43 coming off of Turn 2 and I didn’t like what (Aric Almirola) did to me the lap before. I kind of side-drafted him a little bit.

The king of sports humour“The Truex explanation” We got on the straightaway and I was on the outside and of course, I’m going to run up near the wall down the backstretch. And I saw Tony in the mirror kind of having a little bit of a run and I was like, ‘I don’t think he’s coming that fast.  ( how many times have we heard that )I’m just going to move up and he’s just going to push me on by the No. 43 and we’ll go on. … ‘”Then, wham, he slams into the back of me.”I was like, ‘Oh, crap. I didn’t expect that.( no one ever does ) I expected (Stewart) would come up and lay on me and push me on by him. I just mistimed his momentum a little bit.

image“I was clear, we were on the straightaway. It wasn’t like I cut him off or anything. I just misjudged the run a little bit. And it just pissed him off. And he didn’t let off. He just slammed into me. (Sounds like my ex wife explaining how she got 3 moving violations in one week ) reason he was mad is that it knocked a hole in his nose. “We’re fine. We talked (Monday) night. We’re all good. It’s heat of the moment. I race Tony clean as anyone — I always have. I mean, I race everyone clean. I don’t block people. He was upset. He was frustrated. It’s understandable.

The Bottomline is Tony and Truex are now all palsy walsy again and everyone’s happy. Just don’t do it again Truex were betting next time that Tony won’t be so nice.


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