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The King of Sports HumourWILL SOMEBODY PLEASE CALL 1990’s Rap Group DIGITAL UNDERGROUND & PLEASE TELL THEM THAT UFC Homeboy Rampage Jackson is Bitin Yo Sh**! Cause he Definitely pulled A HUMPTY HUMP on this Poor Unfortunate Reporter. Sike! Poor Unfortunate My Azz, she loved every minute of it.

We love this clip cause the Reporter is not some back in the day, ” over Feminist, please don’t touch me kind of Reporter”. She’s a “new school hey I’m lovin my job where Big Black Men- we mean um… Big Strong UFC Fighters Molest me on camera Reporter. She’s not offended one bit.

The look on her face says it all, and that look is the look of ” IM LOVIN IT! And we’re not talking McDonald’s here folks. Well maybe we are, seeing as though Rampage was definitely trying to give her The BIG MAC! Yup! Special Sauce in all. From the looks of things the Reporter must be a Burger King Gal cause she was definitely willing to let Rampage ” Have it his way”

But seriously folks this has to be without a doubt “The Greatest Dry Hump of All Time”! I mean we’re talking 1980’s Black People Basement Party Slow Jam Grinding through the clothes Hump here! We’re talking 5th Grade Recess The Teachers Back is Turned Dry Hump in the corner Hump here! And last but not least we’re talking ” Two Stray Dogs in Heat Humping here.

We know about Humping Stray Dogs in Heat, cause last night two of them were seen humping out in the back of our parking lot, and we were prepared to film & upload the whole thing to Social Media but were advised by The SPCA not to do that, because it would be offensive to members of The Canine Community. Wtf?

But anyway, you folks get the point by now,no more hump jokes sorry for the overkill, and we’re even more sorry for the unnecesary story about the two humping dogs in the back of our parking lot. We’re just gonna let you watch the clip now and we’re just gonna keep on humping along. You know kinda like what Rampage does in this clip……….D*mn! We just did it again!

Sports Humour

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