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1. Is this fight long overdue- and as a result has now lost some of it’s steam? Yes

2. Are these  2 fighters just a lil bit past their prime?  yes

3. Are you still gonna pay your hard earned money for this fight? Yes

And there you have it folks this apparently might just be the new standard in boxing ” drag it out make em wait for it then suck em dry for every dime” as a matter of fact come to think of it this has always existed in boxing  ( what do you expect from a sport invented by guys who like to hit people )when it comes to the big fights but never this long have we waited to see the best two go at it. Get money get money seems to be the theme song for this current generation and the powers that be in Vegas know this as their expected to bring 300-400 million for this fight and as they say in the hood ” a dizamn somebody bout to get pizzaid ” ( that’s paid for those of you that don’t speak hood )

Unfortunately that somebody won’t be us the boxing consumers as tix for this fight go anywhere from 4,500$ to 30,000$ not to mention PPV Direct TV sales, even the ever popular round the way “Saturday Night Fight Party” will be forced to raise it’s door price, I can just hear dudes at the door everywhere saying “yo holmes its 10$ extra this The Mayweather Pacquiao joint ” and nobody will complain, we’ll just fork over that cash and watch. The King of Sports Humour image

In all honesty This will be a great matchup despite the jet lag that comes with both fighters being 38 & 36 this is Ali – Frazier/ Tyson-Holyfield for this generation and will probably be just as good, as Pacman is a 8 division World Champ 57-  5-2  and Mayweather a 5 division World Champ 47-0 ( geesh what’s with all these divisions it’s like you need a calculator to watch the fight ) and so will both fighters as they pocket millions ! 80 for Pacman and 120 for Floyd ( like he needs more ) as you know only Floyd and Tiger Woods have crossed that 100 million plateau in the world of Pro Sports!

But you know whose probably bout to cross the 100 billion plateau? Las Vegas is and the sad truth is nobody makes more off these fights than the Casinos and when this fights over they’ll be richer and we’ ll still be cuttin out coupons for Family Dollar & Walmart and I’ll still be driving a 2001 Yugo that runs on recycled French fry grease while my ex-wife gets to ride Around in a Brand new Range Rover all up in down City Line Ave rubbing it in my face that the judge took her side in divorce court. ( my bad I’m still bitter ) but you’d be to if you were driving a Yugo.

The Bottomline is Floyd gets paid, Pac gets paid, we get the fight we’ve always wanted to see but just remember folks this is Vegas and in Vegas……….The House Always Wins!  Always! And apparently so does my ex-wife


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