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The King of Sports HumourLADIES & GENTLEMEN STOP THE PRESSES! THE KING HAS SPOKEN! Basketball fans everywhere are gonna love this, a Cool Laidback Smooth Talking Michael Jordan Shooting straight from the hip, telling it like it is.

He’s so Smooth in this clip that you expect him at any time to pull out a Can of Colt 45, just watch as he breaks it down and lays it all out just like a Drunk Uncle or Aunt Dancing at a 4th of July Cookout.

Notice how he Flashes those Championship Rings like he was Birdman sitting at The BET Awards, gotta give it up for the man, as he is Undoubtedly Flexes and Stunts on these New Jacks and of course all those Jordan Haters!

And yes there is such a thing, Unfortunately when your a Big Celebrity/ Sports Icon like Jordan is, there’s always gonna be Haters, but ” no worries” MJ puts all his Haters to bed in this clip plus he tucks them in and reads them a nice lil Bedtime Story.

And it’s a good story too, we think you’ll love it, it’s called ” I GOT 6 RINGS QUIT HATIN BEE-ATCH!” ….. The end.

Sports Humour


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