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We Got It Right Here Baby! We Got Da Scoop! This Is Why This Website Remains In Google’s Highly Sought After Top Ten! Because Of Posts Like This! This Is Gonna Blow Your Mind Baby!

( If I Didn’t Mention Google They Would’ve Sent There Killers Out After Me! )

(This Website Game Is Vicious Yo! )

Ok Here It Is! You Really Need To Know This!

Inmate No. 1027820 Made His Plea For Freedom In A Small Hearing Room At The Lovelock Correctional Center In Rural Nevada. Four Parole Commissioners Who Were In Carson City,

( Cool! Just Like The Movie Con Air” )

About A Good 2 Hr. Drive Away, Questioned Him By Way Of Video. ( Remember That! )

Other Press Outlets Will Show You O.J Smiling, Thanking God & Waving To Family, But Here’s What They’re Not Showing Or Telling You!

O.J Farted The Conference Room Down! Prison Fotts At That! There’s A Reason This Was Done Via Video Conference. You See Folks, Prison Food Is Full Of Starch & When Prisoners Fott! They Fott Hard!!! And Strong!!

The Press Won’t Tell You That O.J Had To Be Moved Multiple Times In Jail Because He Kept Fotting His Cellmates Into Major Depression!

The Press Won’t Tell You That Eventually The Jail Had To Install A High Grade Military Jet Fan In O.J’S Cell ( On Our Tax Money Of Course ) Just To Make Sure The Prisoners Didn’t Get Their Brains Fotted Out Every Freakin Day!

And The Press D*mn Sure Won’t Tell You That O.J Wore An Adult Size Onesie Pamper To The Parole Hearing! ( It Didn’t Help! )

O.J Knew What He Was Doing, He Had 9 Yrs. To Plan This Farterrific Revenge! The Juice Had The Gas, And He Had Plenty Of It! I Think It’s A Shame That The Press Edited Out Those Loud Prison Fotts! America Needed To Hear That!

These Parole Conference Usually Take A Few Weeks To Get The Decision, But This Time Right Here!…… Yea They Had To Get O.J Da F**k Up Outta There Man! Cause He Basically Had The Whole Joint Smelling Like Boiled Eggs, Rotten Potatoes, Burnt Turkey Sausage & Magic Shaving Cream! Oogh!

The Truth Is: That Shot Of O.J’S Daughter Crying Wasn’t Because Of Grief, It Was Because Of Fotts!

The Parole Conference Proceedings Being Sped Up Wasn’t Because Of Love, It Was Because Of Fotts!

O.J Saying Thank You God, Wasn’t Because He Became Emotionally Struck, It Was Because Of Fotts!

The One He Was Trying To Cover Up By Saying Thank You God! Oldest Trick In The Book, Happens In Churches All Across America On “Any Given Sunday”!

O.J I Salute You!  You Literally Farted Your Way Out Of Jail, You’re A True Legend & A Hero! And When You Get Out Of Jail In October I’ll Be The First One To Shake Your Hand & Congratulate You!

Just……… Not In Person,…. Ummm…….. We Gonna Have To Do That Over The Phone Buddy! Phones Are Fartproof! You Ain’t Fin To Just Be Coming All Up In My House Fartin & What Not! That’s Not Cool O.J.

Abe Finklestein
Sports New & Humorx


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