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image First of all there’s no such word as TRAGITATION at least we don’t think so but that’s not the story. The story is The Lil League World Champions Jackie Robinson West ” an all black baseball team” got stripped of it’s title after accusations of the team having ringers ( older players) on their team. And that’s when Jesse Jackson Mr. Race Relations himself got all involved with the deal and now every time somebody brings it up you know Jesse and The parents of the stripped lil leagers are gonna play the Race Card! Yes the most famous card out of all the cards to play the Race Card. That’s  the one you play when there’s  drama and confusion and you want more drama and confusion yes that card. Either way something’s going on and so we ask you readers is it ?

A. The team cheated and put ringers on the team to ensure victory or?

B.Is there some secret shadow government/ illuminati/ evil rich white men out there that just don’t like the fact that twelve young black men won the lil league World Series? Or is it

C. Jesse Jackson just needs the press cause his career and relevance are fading faster than the existence of pay phones and house phones.   ( personally we’re going with C ) but hey you never know about B

The Bottomline is it’s ashame those kids got stripped of their title and if they cheated that’s ashame but the biggest shame should go to The Las Vegas team that lost to Jackie Robinson West for crying , “b*#chin ” and “moanin” about their loss and not letting it go til somebody noticed their ” b*#chin” and started this whole controversy! That’s the real shame here those crying lil Las Vegas Pansies.



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