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The King Of Sports Humour IN KEEPING WITH THE SPIRIT OF POSITIVITY WE HAVE NOTHING BAD TO Say About TIM TEBOW. Even though we realize a lot of people in Philadelphia probably do, and trust us we could join right in with them but we’re not gonna say anything bad about Good Ole Tim. Even though It’s our job to make fun of athletes & make people laugh, we like Tim cause he’s a Good Ole Fashioned God Fearing Guy! And honestly, kids need to see more of that, so instead we’ll just focus our comedic attention on Chip Kelly and provide you with two solid reasons as to why he gave TEBOW the Cut of Death!

NO.-1 Even though Chip is a Brilliant and Winning Coach with a Great Football Mind, honestly The Guy has a little bit of that Barnum & Bailey/ Michael Jackson Blood in him! He knew he wasn’t gonna keep this guy from the Gettyup. But the hype, aura & energy surrounding his entrance and presence in Philadelphia got us all going, peaked interest and eventually contributed to what is Fastly becoming Chip & Lurie’s “Greatest Show On “Turf”!

He played us all by creating a sense of Wonderment, Shock & Awe just like the Circus does, and Michael Jackson did. Admit it, did you honestly think “TEEZUS” would be playing here? Honestly? Well I (Abe Finklestien) actually did but then again, I actually bought Michael Jackson’s last CD.

NO.-2 This is The Biggest Reason right here and let me be very clear that this is and was the deciding factor that led to Chip Kelly cutting TIM TEBOW, and that reason is:

“HE WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH”! UH DUH! Seriously, you probably already knew that but The Most Important thing is now Tim knows it.

In Closing I’d like to say Hey Philly! Looks like your Teams a Winner! And We here at wish you success! Thanx for reading & y’all come back now. All of y’all! Except for TEBOW, we’re guessing he probably won’t be coming back & neither will Michael Jackson, but if you remember in the beginning of this article we told you we were trying to keep things in The Spirit of Positivity.

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