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The King of Sports Humour DONALD TRUMP IS AN IDIOT! HE’S GONE TO FAR! After angering d*mn near all of America & particularly The Muslim Community with the ridiculous statements that all Muslims should be banned from coming into The Country. He now follows that up with the even more ridiculous statement that THE NFL & NBA SHOULD FIRE ALL IT’S MUSLIM PLAYERS!

Wtf? Seriously dude! How are people even supporting this guy? We asked Hitler we mean um.. Trump his reasoning behind such insane logic and his response was this.

“We can’t take any chances! We can’t have our kids watching Muslim Athletes on TV and every time they score they stop & pray to Allah, you never know, they might be praying for Allah to blow us all up or even worse giving a signal to a Jihadist to blow us all up! What if they start selling bean pies at the games? You see these people have to be stopped, because what they’re doing is destroying America”!

“We need to be protected! What if Kanye & Kim Kardashian bring Saint West & North West to the game and they all get blown to Smitherenes right in the middle of Kanye telling us how great he is?” What if Adele is Singing Hello or The National Anthem at an NFL Playoff game and some Angry Muslim decides to Chuck a Bean Pie right in her mouth?!”

What if Justin Bieber sits Court side at an NBA Nationally Televised Game and the Muslims decide to Blow him up? Or even worse, they don’t Blow him up?” What about all the NBA & NFL Players who wear their towels over their heads?” How do we know their not trying to commit Jihad?”

“So were gonna start with The NFL & Peyton Manning is gonna provide every team with Free Papa Johns Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza and whoever refuses to eat it or gets sick, well be fired and immediately deported back to Wherever The Muslims come from”!

” I now must leave as i am trying to stop The Premiere of Star Wars”

To that we said why are you trying to stop The Premiere of Star Wars Mr. Trump? And to that he replied…..

“Because i think Darth Vader is a Muslim! Look at that outfit he wears, plus he covers his face”!  I say we should build a wall in Space to shut Darth  Vader & all The Space Muslims out”!

In conclusion we’ll say to our readers we all know that Star Wars is Fake & Imaginary but then again so are Donald Trumps hopes of Becoming The President. of The United States.

Abe Finklestein

Sports Humour


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