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After Getting Knocked Out & Punched Out Again, There’s Talk of Ronda Roussey Facing The Possibility of Retiring. Amanda Nunes Stopped Her Cold In Her Tracks ( In The 1st Round ) by Exposing Her Weak Chin & Her Total Lack of Boxing Mechanics!

Much Like Holly Holm’s Did, So The Question Is Asked, Should Ronda Roussey Retire? Should She Switch Professions & Take On Something Lighter? She Could Always Join The WWE, Their Midget Division Could Seriously Use A Push!

She Could Take The Hollywood Route & When They Put Out A New Austin Powers, She Could Be Mini Me’s Evil Wife. Or….. She Could Write A Book “The 48 Laws Of Gettin Knocked Da F**k Out”!

No But Seriously—-Oh Wait, This Is Sports Humor, There Is No Serious, People Come To This Site To Laugh & Be Entertained.

Anyways, Watch The Video & Enjoy!

And Oh Yea, Happy New Years!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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