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SUPERBOWL “49” IS HERE AND IT Looks like the best two teams The New England Patriots & Seattle Seahawks have made it to the Biggest Game in all of Football and we’re sure to be treated to a Football Extravaganza as both teams have been dominate in their respected divisions and obviously did well in the playoffs Seahawks 28 Packers 22 & Patriots 45 Colts 7 or (uh duh) they wouldn’t be here. This game has all the makings of a Big One as  they’re both franchise teams with huge Marquis names you know like Brady, Sherman, Belichik, Wilson hey this is gonna be Tony the Tiger great! There’s nothing worse than a Superbowl with two teams that you dont care about or even worse a Superbowl that you know is gonna be a blowout but not this year! This will be one of the Greatest Superbowl’s ever ( i said it write it qoute it print it and believe it) and as a fan of football you just can’t lose so there it is that’s the story….No it’s not because WAIT! THERE’S MORE! we got Seattle Star Running back Marshawn Lynch running around begging the league to wear his custom made M.C Hammer like (soles by sir 1,100$) golden cleats, ( which is actually kinda fly) and get this he’s pulled this before in 2011 against The San Francisco 49ers where he sported a pair of skittles cleats ( in all honesty San Fran was the perfect place to bust out a pair of Skittles kicks cause a large percentage of their fans have definitely tasted the rainbow) Then you have Green Bay fallin asleep in the second half in a game they were not only winning but clearly dominating which led to Seattle fans (aka the 12th man and we got your back ) leaving early only to find out that their team turned it around and was coming back! – this caused them to turn around and come back (excuse the redundancy) only to be denied re-entrance. (12th man my azz) And last but not least  The Patriots blowout win over The Colts just might not be what it appeared to be because as you smart fans probably all know there are now reports and allegations that Bill Belichik and Company purposely deflated the ball giving their team an advantage. Could this be Spygate all over again? (Sep. 9th 2007 Pats vs Jets )The league imposed a 500,000$ fine to Coach Belichick and 250,000 to the team plus they lost their 1st round selection in the 2008 draft. Or should we call it Ballgate? or Deflategate? Or maybe we should call it “Yo da Patriots need ta stop f*#kin cheatin!” Yea how bout that? So there you have it Superbowl Fans Golden cleats,Teams that cheat & Fans that creep and somewhere in the middle of all that drama you’ll find a really good football game.

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