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The King of Sports HumourFrom B to D. Lil B uses his name and position in music to get an invite to the Sixers D-League for a tryout. Professional Basketball teams giving try-outs to a rapper isn’t a new thing. Once popular rapper Master P got try-outs with the Hornets in 98 and the Raptors 99 to which he abruptly failed. Let’s face it. Lil B will also fail miserably but at least he got the D.

The Sixers, looking for talent anywhere, and known for sucking, offered Lil B the D. He jumped at the offer. He’s wanted to play professionally his whole life and knows it starts with the D. Like his music career, it takes getting the D to have a chance at stardom.

​Lil B is a Bay area rapper who made himself known when he made plenty of waves during the NBA Playoffs when he cursed LeBron James and J.R. Smith for their hubris. Apparently the curse worked as the Cavs fell apart and lost in the NBA Finals. This act caught the attention of the Philadelphia Sixers, which need plenty of help since they currently are a terrible basketball team.

They figured since they can’t actually outplay other teams, they’ll instead get Lil B to put curses on the 29 other teams, thus insuring they no longer suck.

​Let’s face it, with or without Lil B, the Sixers are going to suck this year. With him they’ll suck even more. But before he becomes a Sixer, he first has to get the D. The 87ers (Such a lame name) are the Sixers D-league affiliate, and they offered Lil B a tryout to see if he has enough game to make the team. The D-league is similar to baseball’s minor leagues. It’s crawling before you walk. It’s jumping out of the closet to get to your bedroom.
The King of Sports Humour
​I’m a fan of the D-league, just not a fan of its name. Why not the C-League. I much rather get C than D. Back in school only the bad students wanted the D. Good students got A’s and B’s. Bad students got F’s and were happy to get the D. But The C Leaugue is something every guy would put his Heart,Mind, Soul and Face into! Repeatedly!
The King of Sports Humour
​Dunkin Donuts been giving people the D for years. Both old and young touch the D to enter their store (Perverts).

Good luck Lil B. Unlike your music, I hope you catch on. Philadelphia is still the City of Brotherly Love and we welcome you. So I hope you make the most of your chance with the D. If you handle the D well then you might just get a shot at the A. The A team that is, which is the Philadelphia Sixers.
​P.S. Lil B? This isn’t playground so the refs will call walk, double dribble and carry. So while you’re on the D, handle the ball carefully, or you just might be on The “B”! As in Bench!

Adayus Knight
Sports Humour


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