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NOWADAYS TRANSGENDERED ATHLETES ARE A HOT TOPIC IN SPORTS, And as we all know some Sports involve animals. And seeing as though animals are literally trained to follow the ways of their masters, sooner or later ( sooner came first) this had to happen!  So here it is Ladies & Gentleman & to all my esteemed Abefinklestein Readers,


He or She or ( wait a minute ) umm “Selfie” ( there we go ) has been undergoing treatment and minor surgical alterations for the past 3 yrs. and finally! Baam! The Hotdog is now a Hot dog Bun, the Sausage is now a Perogie, the Eclair is now a Donut.

“Selfie” who currently resides in Caitlynville Ohio, has a trainer Barbara “Deeznutzrgone” Jones An also transgendered local percocet farmer who grows & sells percocets. When i notified her that there’s no such thing as growing percocets,  she responded by saying:

“Well likewise there’s no such thing as a Transgendered Horse”

Wow, “touche”, but anyway “Selfie” has a fun personality and is very witty, in fact when asked about The Current Presidential Race, “Selfie” went on to say this!…………………….

—–Sike—haaa!  y’all know good & well horses dont talk!  But ya azz sittin up here waiting for me ta give you a dang qoute from a horse! C’mom what da ya want? I run a website not Dr. Doolittles Zoo! Or Farm or whatever da hell he had, for all i know he probably was trying to grow percocets.

But anyway “Selfie” gets fed 3 times a day, gets up at 6 a.m & runs 20 miles then takes a shower in any bathroom ” Selfie” chooses too. Then its time to work on “Selfies” reality show, which surprisingly isnt about being a Transgendered Horse but  about having a trainer dumb enough to think that they can actually grow percocets.

Actually the show is pretty good and if you’re interested the show airs weekly at 9 p.m on channel…………

—-haaaa! i caught y’all again! Y’all know dang well aint no show on tv about growing & farming percocets. Honestly you people have got to start making better reading choices. Now quick! hurry up & close your browser before someone sees you reading a story about a Transgendered Horse.

And one more thing, anybody interested in buying some percocets? Apparently  I can get them for you…… Dirt Cheap! So If you want them, hit me up at…………..

—-haaaaa! i got y’all again! Just slap yourselves.  But please, please  Share This Post on Social Media First! C’mon i said please! I’m trying to be nice, I mean, don’t get mad at me cause y’all kept fallin for dat same ole 10th grade back of da lunchroom crap.

Get ya game up! And remember, ” I Love Y’all’!  I just got a strange way of showing it.

Abe Finklestein

Sports Humour


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