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image(Unassociated Press)      YOU KNOW THOSE GUYS THAT THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS USED TO BEAT TO SMITHERENES EVERY TIME THEY PLAYED THEM Well guess what? That team just beat the PHILA Sixers as they are now without a doubt the worst team in NBA History.

This all went down when somebody asked famed Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon (we didn’t make that name up) is there possibly a team worst than the Washington Generals? To which he replied “oh hell yea da Sixers” that’s one team the WG’s could beat. Well somehow word got back to Brett Brown and AYY baby it was on!

The two teams met at a secret location (really a secret location?) and according to eyewitnesses the SIXERS got they’re asses whooped!! It was a blowout and I’m told it was a site to see the most average looking unfit canvas chuck Taylor wearing white men dominate like that.

Michael Carter Williams cried, Nerlins Noel sat on the sideline picking his kid n play box top! Brett Brown– never mind who cares about A man who has the same initials as Bugs Bunny. This but whooping to the SIXERS was so bad that a little white child in the crowd said mommy mommy I thought all black men were supposed to play basketball good and the whole crowd agreed. The Bottom line is the SIXERS are so bad that even Stevie Wonder can see it!




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