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,,508D4F1A-D4D8-48B0-91E4-4060FB07F57F MARIA SHARAPOVA IS CLAIMING FOUL BALL AGAINST HER LONGTIME RIVAL SERENA WILLIAMS! After losing to her for the 17th time straight at The Australian Open Semi finals!  Maria is now saying Serena or somebody who closely resembles Serena Deflated all the air out of her Tennis Racquet!

These are some pretty serious claims and we wonder could it all be just a distraction to take everyone’s mind off the fact that In 20 meetings, Sharapova has just two wins against Williams, most recently in 2004. Pre Deflate Gate.

In the meantime, Williams has won 17 straight over her and racked up 15 of her 21 major titles. In 2015 alone, Williams topped Sharapova twice in majors without dropping a set.

But Maria insists something wasn’t right with her Tennis Racquet and the air pressure was low. “I tried alerting the officials to this but they kept saying “there’s no air in tennis racquets”! “Then i tried to tell them that Tom Brady & Bill Belichick were sitting on the sidelines with Serena and they told me they had a right to be there.

Maria, who is of Russian descent, also said that this isn’t the first time Serena has cheated. “In the past she’s had Venus sit up in the stands and yell ” Free Vodka”! Every time i went to serve. Serena is a cheater! And the fact remains that she or someone who resembles her deflated the air out my Tennis Racquet”!

When reminded once again that Tennis Racquets don’t have air in them, Maria responded by saying “Yes they do! But you just cant see the air cause its invisible”!  Umm………………………Wow! she’s actually right.

Abe Finklestein

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