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The King of Sports HumourOMG! DARREN SPROLES IS FAST! LIKE REALLY FAST, AFTER WATCHING HIM LAST SUNDAY IN ACTION, ONE HAS TO ULTIMATELY COME TO THE Conclusion that Darren Sproles is not only just fast but he’s The Flash! And not just the Flash but The Black Flash! Yes just like the one in the pix below, and we decided it would be cool to show people what the real Black Flash looks like, and to give just a lil bit of shine to this truly ignored Comicbook Franchise. But after looking at the pix we can see why this Comic Franchise has been long ignored, The Black Flash looks like sh*t! And in retrospect we should’ve used the regular Flash but oh well it’s done now.
The King of Sports Humour
But nonetheless after last Sunday’s 89 yd. TD. return against The NY Jets that basically saved The Eagles Azz, one certainly has to give up props to this man! Whether you’re an Eagles Fan or a Fantasy Football Enthusiast, Sproles is The Pizza Man, he always delivers! His stats don’t particularly standout this year so far however (just like the Ice Cream truck) he always seems to come through at the right time.

With Demarco Murrays hurt hamstring the Eagles are truly lucky to have a weapon like Sproles “The Black Flash” because let’s face it the offense is still trying to find it’s rhythm and having Sproles is a pleasant surprise, a secret weapon,he’s very respected but able to fly under a defenses radar as they concentrate on other players who have stronger more consistent numbers.

And those defenses fail just about every time & this is why Sproles is able to just pick his spots and put da burners on at will, this is why he’s The Black Flash! Just look at the clip below of his 89 TD. TD return and you can see that Darren SPROLES is running so fast that the cameramen had to take Xanax & NyQuil just to film him! If you were at that game you probably didn’t see his TD return because he was moving too fast!

* As a matter of fact The Black Flash ran that TD return back faster than a Facebook users attention span!

* He ran that TD return back faster than Kim Davis changed her mind about being in jail!

* He ran that TD return back faster than Chip Kelly cut Lesean McCoy!

* He ran that TD return back faster than the speed in which Donald Trump would get his Azz whipped if he ever went to Mexico talkin all dat Rah-Rah! He ran…… Ok you get it Darren Sproles is Fast!

He’s a consistent bright spot on an Eagles roster that has a lot of…….. Um…. … spots, that need to be brightened up! How bright? Very bright! Barry Bonds skin bright! So let’s just enjoy Darren Sproles for what he is “The Black Flash” and just like Biggie Smalls we all should continue to just love his Flashy ways, this is why we’re broke and he’s so paid,

(Biggie Smalls: Hypnotize 1995.)

In closing we hope that Chip Kelly makes BF a consistent staple of his offense, as he is fast and exciting and quickly becoming a fan favorite. So please Chip use him more In your offense! And just remember Chip if you don’t use him he’s fast enough to turn out da lights, beat you up then turn the lights back in and do the whole whistle thing like he had nothing to do with it. You know why? Cause he’s The Black Flash! And The Black Flash don’t play that!

Actually that’s Homie Da Clowns Tagline but The Black Flash doesn’t have one. No wonder The Comic book failed!

Sports Humour


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