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The King of Sports Humour

LADIES & GENTLEMEN TOM BRADY TRIED! BUT IT DIDN’T WORK, Of course we’re talking about his appealing the four game suspension bestowed upon him by The NFL for his involvement in Deflate Gate. But it didn’t work and Tom’s reality is when the 2015-16 season starts he’ll be reduced to nothing more than a Glorified Mascot.

That is for the first four games, everybody knows that but few are focused on how far Tom Slick plans to take his appeal & his whole ” hey I’m innocent routine. For instance, instead of letting the suspension go he decided to appeal and now that he’s lost his appeal ( you know just like Pamela Anderson & Madonna) ( get it?) it’s almost unthinkable that he now plans to take his appeal to a higher court!

C’mon Tom?! Like The Rapper Ludacris says “you need to drink some Prune Juice & let that sh** go! Just take your suspension like a man! Honestly folks, knowing The Patriots, they’ll find a way to win 3-4 of those games without Brady anyway. C’mon yall it’s The Patriots were taking about & we all know that they’ve always had The Luck of The Football Gods, if there’s such a thing & you gotta admire how they pulled off an olskool back in the day schoolyard classic of deflating the air in the opposing teams football.

Even if your not a fan of The Patriots and you completely hate them you have to admit they pulled a Caitlyn Jenner that no one saw coming and not only that, but no one in their right mind would even think an NFL powerhouse team would even pull some crap like that! But they did and now they are The Super Bowl Cheaters- we mean um- Champions! Even if it’s questionable, (like Kylie Jenners Virginity)

But the decision has been upheld and here is an excerpt of The Knife that stabbed Brady twice:

The King of Sports Humôur
Goodell said in the league’s statement that Brady “went beyond a mere failure to cooperate in the investigation and supported a finding that he had sought to hide evidence of his own participation in the scheme.” Based on Wells’ report and the evidence presented at that hearing, Goodell also said that Brady was aware of, and took steps to support, the actions of other team employees to deflate game footballs below the levels allowed under NFL rules.

The king of sports Humour
Um… If you look at my picture above, ( guy wit da cigar ) do I even look like a guy who would understand some super technical crap like that?……..I’ll wait…………….

Nevermind, I won’t wait, as a matter fact this article is over! Brady’s suspended, he lost the appeal, he’s gonna lose the re-appeal, it’s over, all I have to say is New England Patriot Fans and to NFL Fans all over The World!

The King of Sports Humour
Get ready for The Football Stylings of Jimmy Garoppolo……. Unless all that stuff they say about The NFL being fixed is true and Roger Goodell is Getting paid off by………….. Nevermind, this article is over!

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