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HEY FOLKS GUESS WHO’S BACK? IT’S FORMER NFL BULLY RICHIE INCOGNITO Fresh off his stint from Anger Rehab ( didn’t know there was such a thing ) and now he’s a completely changed man!…. Um at least that’s what he says, according to him he’s the new Ghandi, a Choirboy, a Saint, a man whose seen the light! Even though he used to punch peoples out. A man who now says kind words even though he used to say mean ones, Yes Richie Incognito has been humbled and he’s nice now! If he were a rapper he’d be Will Smith or Drake who buy the way now has his own search bar, If he were a Singer he’d be Celine Dion or Every single member of One a Direction. He’s changed! Don’t believe us? We”ll just listen to this syrupy sweet Mom’s Apple pie type quote from a man who hasn’t played football  since 2013 and just completed anger rehab “The New Richie Incognito” and we warn you upfront extreme barfing might occur or at the very least you just might throw up in your mouth a lil bit.

“I think that I can use this situation to shed light on a sensitive subject as well as kind of put my best foot forward and show that I have grown and I have learned from the situation,” Incognito said. “The spotlight is definitely going to be on me, no doubt. But all I can do is just keep working hard to show that I’m changed and to show that I’m willing to do what it takes to be a productive member of the Buffalo community.”


Really Richie? All this from a guy who harassed his former teammate Jonathan Martin ( pictured above ) to the point that he quit the football team , has been caught on tape hurling racial slurs and practically admitted to bullying and being proud of it. Yeah we really believe you Richie we really do, after years of being a bully one 3-6 month stint in anger rehab and jusssssst like that you’ve changed.


Were sorry Richie but your story is a pair of Reebok Pumps and much like the rest of America “we’re not buying it”! However everybody deserves a second chance ( except for Suge Knight ) and we wish you the best Richie even though we think you’re full of it, go get em Rich! And last but not least to your former teammate Jonathan Martin ” stop being a wuss” how you gonna be a grown azz man and let another man bully you? Geesh! Grow a pair would Ya.



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