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The king of sports humourIN THE LATE 80’s EARLY 90’s Back when  one could have a full blown cocaine addiction and no one would notice or care nor give you a loving speech about going to a rehab, creativity was flowing through the roof! And so was stupidity which brings us to one Vincent K McMahon a man who was not just flowing but much like the junk spam in your email folder overflowing. Particularly in the creativity department the man was on a roll with the likes of Hulk hogan, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Sgt Slaughter, The Genius  (cool gimmick ) the list goes on and on as your talking about the man that convinced you that Hulk Hogan didn’t exist anywhere, had no history and just appeared out of nowhere in the WWE which at the time was known as the WWF

The King of sports humourThe King of Sports HumourThe King of Sports Humour

This was before smart fans and you pretty much could do that kind of stuff but anyway Vince was on a creative roll! That is until he went too dang far and took a Fat White Wrestler by the name of The One Man Gang whose image was that of a biker/motorcycle gang type persona or just a Big Fat White Guy type image and destroyed it by changing him into Hakeem a wannabe black, jive talking fool who claimed he was from Africa and tried to dance. His Manager was Slick a well dressed trash talking African American, This was about as believable as Donald Sterling saying he’s not a racist or Kevin Harts ex-wife Torry saying she’s happy for Kevin now that he’s marrying another women.

The king of Sports Humour The king of sports humourThe king of sports humour

Take a look at The One Man Gangs persona and image before he was foolishly turned into Hakeem and you to will agree that Vince McMahon went too far in fact The One Man Gang aka Hakeem was quoted in an interview saying when first told of The gimmick he thought it was a joke, within 3 weeks he was being fitted for his new outfit an outfit that would make wrestling fans everywhere scratch their heads and wonder why? Why would Vince McMahon force this gimmick on us? What made him think this foolishness would work?  We’ll we know why and the answer to that why is this……..cocaine is a helluva drug! And before you say how can we dare accuse Vince McMahon of being on drugs? We say to you, take another look at that picture of Hakeem!………….yea we thought so.



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