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The king of sports hmourTHE Pre WrestleMania kickoff match saw Big Show win the Andre the Giant memorial Match which was nice but here are my fave 5 moments on a pretty good card. And yes that is a selfie of me.

image1. Daniel Bryant won the intercontinental title in an epic ladder match. three people almost died from ladder injuries
2. Randy Orton beat Seth Rollins with one of the greatest RKO’ ever. The height Seth got before the Viper struck was awesome!
image3.HHH beat Sting. Degeneration X reunited, NWO reunited and Shawn Michaels aided HHH in victory.

image4. Rock showed up after an announcement that the WrestleMania attendance record was broken on this night. Rock then punched HHH a few times leading to Ronda Rousey hip tossing HHH then she whooped up on Stephanie McMahon and got her WrestleMania moment.
5. Undertaker beat Bray Wyatt. He even did the classic raise from the dead sit up that rallied the crowd. The Undertaker literally looked like he was dead and could be a Walking Dead zombie without makeup.
Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesner ended with Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the bank title opportunity and stole the title to end WrestleMania 31. I loved this because Paul Heyman’s heart almost exploded from excitement, stress and fat. The walrus fat around his heart almost made it combust during the match.
Now that we got the boring stuff out of the way. Let’s get to what counts. Women Wrestling. AJ Lee and Paige beat the Bella twins in an epic battle where we witnessed a bunch of basic moves that led to a simple submission. Wow! I mean, Wow! Girls wrestling. It was worth the nothing that I paid for the show. Seeing as though I live in 2015 and like most Americans I stream everything for free.

imageThe king of sports hmour
When you think of the match that everyone wants to see, you think of women. If ever you wish there was a way to fast forward live tv, it’s when women wrestle…and they are fully dressed. Womens wrestling. What else can I say?  Someone help me I’m stuck. But overall I thoroughly enjoyed Wrestlemania 31 did you?

Adayus knight

sports humour


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