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The Kig of Sports HumourOK WRESTLING FANS OR SHOULD WE SAY WWE FANS Since their the biggest thing in the Business. John Cena aka The People’s Champ has been insanely over pushed and has been World Champion a ridiculous 15 times. ( wow who did he give a charms blowpop to ) Somebody likes this guy! In fact they like him to the point that they’re willing to ignore something that all WWE fans have known for years and that is…. ” JOHN CENA IS STILL  STUCK In THE 90’s”



So here’s our list of the obvious but comically quotable reasons that John is hopelessly stuck in the 90’s

1. The baseball cap and cut off blue jeans: it’s simply not cool when you look like the Bodygaurd for 90’s Rap group Cypress Hill

2. Wrist Bands and Bright Color T-shirts with goofy quotes: 1st of all leave the goofy quotes to us a Sports Humour Mag and 2nd of all shame on any grown man for looking like he dressed himself from The Walmart 50% off throwaway Bin.

image3. The absolutely ridiculous phrase ” you can’t see me”: Dear John if you only knew how much we wish that statement was true.

4. His Wrestlemania 31 opponent : Was a Stereotypical over the top evil Russian Villian who came to the ring in a tank and the evil blonde haired chick that always accompanies every Russian Villian ( on a personal note that was actually kinda cool ) just like in the 90’s

image5. At Wrestlemania 31 he gave a Ronald Reagan speech: A Ronald Reagan speech??  That’s not even the 90’s that’s the 80’s Who comes up with this stuff? Can’t the writers hear the boos? We guess not so in conclusion we’ll just say John please come up out of the 90’s and stop torturing us wrestling fans we can’t take it anymore these pathetic attempts to hijack urban swagger is just too much! No more 90’s John! Now if you excuse us we’re going to go put on our MC Hammer pants and totally zone out on some Milli Vanilli.



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