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7164A536-18C5-4FA9-B58B-776CE8419D20 BOO-YAH! I GOT IT BABY! THE REAL REASON PEYTON MANNING CRIED AT HIS RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT Is Right Here! And it’s not the reason you think it is, it’s not the emotion of missing the game so much as it is something Peyton has been trying to sweep under the rug for years now!

Btw, My Cousin Vintonio has Rugs for sale Real Cheap and if you’re ever in Philly or Vegas check him out! I would tell you that he has Large Amounts of Cocaine for sale too, but that would be just like snitching and i don’t do that. You’ll never hear me say My Cousin

Vinnie drives around in a Big Red Van that has Vinnie on da License Plate & that he keeps the coke in his van under the floorboards, no! You will never hear me say that!

You know what? I got a little off course there, anyways watch da vid and see what Peyton’s really crying about and trying to sweep Under The Rug! Btw, um… Yall know my Cousin Vintonio got dem Rugs for Cheap.

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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