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The King of Sports Humour” THE SHOCKMASTER”! BACK IN THE MID 90’s A WRESTLER NAMED FRED OTTMAN Left The Greener Pastures of The WWE to go try his luck in the WCW. Well it just so happens his luck ran out, as WCW, a company that has produced a fair of Bad Wrestling Gimmicks over the years, quickly donned him in a painted Glitter Star Wars type Stormtrooper Mask, a pair of jeans and an Open Chest Vest made of Fur. (EPIC FAIL!)

He was to be known as “THE SHOCKMASTER” and part of his Gimmick was that he would Dramatically Bust through a Wall! According to legend, everything went well in Practice and he burst through the wall with no problem, but upon repairing the wall, the repairmen added a 2×4 right at the knee level, that wasn’t there before.

“They put me in a Storm Trooper mask which they painted and covered in glitter, I couldn’t see a thing. I got to the wall and put my hands up like a double axe handle and bust through. The top broke perfectly, but the bottom didn’t give. The momentum took me through the wall and to the floor.”


The ensuing results led to what is without a shadow of a doubt The Funniest Thing That Ever Happened in Pro Wrestling! On a Personal note I must let you know that I watched this clip over & over for 90 min straight! Because it’s that funny! I highly recommend that you bookmark, save & share this post with people who are sick or hospitalized.

The king of sports humour

The king of sports humour
Quick info: Ottman eventually went back to The WWE and found success with His new Gimmick “Tugboat”,which would subsequently become “Typhoon” (by the way both characters sucked!) But the best thing about it, was that he no longer had to bust through any walls. But if you look at that Typhoon outfit, it looks like his stomach was clearly trying to bust out of his body!

Sports Humour


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