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The King of Sports Humour

MOST WEBSITES WILL RUN WITH THE STORY OF HOW SCOTT STEINER ISSUED HULK HOGAN A Million Dollar Challenge to body slam him but nope not us we’re gonna focus solely on the fact that Scott Steiner has nothing to do!

In this video you see Scott throwing hundred dollar bills at the screen and talking pretty much the way pro wrestlers did in the late 80’s ( loud and unnecessarily over the top) making this whole video comically laughable. The man has nothing to do, just last month he was accused of attacking Hulk Hogan’s wife at an airport wtf? Attacking Hulk Hogan’s wife at an airport?

The man has nothing to do. Look at the glasses look at the goatee look at that ridiculous Cleopatra like headpiece. The man is trying desperately hard to be cool and tough, to be honest Scott Steiner is tough but to all our readers “peep game”. If Steiner is so tough then why isn’t he calling out the likes of Batista or Brock Lesnar?

The King of Sports Humour The King of Sports Humour

Hulk Hogan in all due respect is over the hill and lives on his name alone. And in all honestly wouldn’t you rather see Scott face the latter as opposed to Hogan? Yes you would so stop playing with us Scott really please the smart wrestling fans know better.

So to Scott Steiner or should we say Mr. I have nothing to do, we leave you with this advice why don’t you go to a Gay Biker Bar in San Francisco we know you’re not gay but with that outfit on you sure do look it. P.s Dear Scott Steiner we were off our medicine when we wrote this so if and when you ever run into us please don’t hurt us. Besides it was all Adayus Knight’s idea, see his pix? Yea that’s him the white guy with the phone it was his idea Scott.

The King of Sports Humour


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