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The King of Sports HumourWATCH THIS BOXER GET KNOCKED OUT! AFTER SECURING A COMFORTABLE LEAD & thoroughly Dominating his very hurt and beat up opponent, he makes The Classic mistake of getting too Cocky! What’s cool is you practically never see it coming and you can bet your sweet aspirin that money was lost on this fight, as you will see the other boxer was pretty much about to be eliminated.

As a matter of fact the boxer in black was a Deer in The Headlights, frozen and almost willing to accept the inevitable, but we all know Deers can’t throw stiff jabs out of nowhere that make your knees buckle and in turn your knees send a message to your brain that says ” hey listen! We’re just gonna shutdown for a moment and regroup cause that last punch was just a lil too hard”.

And that’s exactly what happened here, somebody got too cocky and instead of going in for The Kill they chose to go in for The Thrill! So ok, no more rap, just watch, laugh , share and remember the next time you’re winning a fight, don’t do what this guy did. And if you do, at least wait for me to put my money on the other guy first!

Sports Humour


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