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image imageEVERYTHING THAT’S UP MUST COME DOWN AND Everything that’s down will come up! Nothing ever stays the same ( except for Cher and Madonna- for some reason they won’t go away and they still think their 20something sexy ) Floyd Mayweather is expected to win this fight- can’t argue with that, he is ” undefeated” ” undisputed” and practically a boxing genius. But I say he’s due for a loss, I can’t speak for my writers who as I write this instead of being here are out buying hoagies and McDonald’s food. But if they were here I’m sure they would say something like ” I’m hungry that hoagie and two Big Macs ain’t fill me up”! But that’s besides the point, the point is Floyd is due for a loss, mathematically it has to happen because…….well that’s just the way math is it respects no one especially someone that can’t read ( oh Floyd baby! Sorry had to do it to ya ) Do I think Pacquiao is better? No! Floyd’s ” da best” but he’s due for a loss.

The King Of Sports Humour

It has happened to the best of them Muhammad Ali , The New England Patriots ( remember The 2008 Super Bowl The Patriots were a perfect 18-0 but The NY Giants beat them ” literally” at the last second with no time on the clock thus ruining their quest for perfection ) It wasn’t that The Giants were better , The Patriots were mathematically due for a loss just like Floyd or should I say Mighty King Floyd and we all know historically every King falls. Michael Jackson, Prince, Mike Tyson, Mc Hammer. Ok maybe I went too far but you gotta admit ” Son” was killin em wit dat ” Can’t Touch This ” Joint! Stop frontin you know you had them Hammer Baggy Glitter Pants on. Where was I at? Oh yea Floyd’s due for a loss and here is my last point. Remember Kobe Bryant was a star at Lower Merion High School, he took R&B Singer Brandy to his Prom, went to The NBA , The Lakers, was a starter and won Championships.

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After 4-5 years of continuous success I predicted that mathematically he was due for something anti successful to happen and ” WAH-LA” within 3 weeks of my prediction he unfortunately broke his leg. You know why? Because mathematically he was due for a loss just like King Floyd is. Also you know that the powers that be stand to benefit from a rematch so watch out for the controversial decision ( in other words Vegas just might screw you ) And if it’s not this fight it’s coming both the loss and the screw.  ( just like that Milli Vanilli comeback CD that no one cares about ) it’s coming. This should be a good to great fight and the purpose of this post was not to take sides with Pacquiao but to point out the fact that ……The Great Floyd Mayweather  The King of Boxing, Undisputed and Undefeated with Millions of Las Vegas Dollars saying he will win, is due for a loss. You know why because I’m Abe Finklestein The King of Sports “d*mmit” and everybody knows that if I said it! You can Write it! Quote it print it and believe it! Cause I’m the best thing going today, until next remember aaaaayyyy! Baby!! ( p.s but meanwhile just to be safe…put your money on Mayweather )

The King Of Sports Humour


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