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The king of sports humourPRESIDENT OBAMA HAS A CURSE! That is a curse for screwing up NCAA brackets with his picks! Once Obama picked the Villanova Wildcats we all knew they would lose. He’s only correctly picked 5 teams of his 24 choices on who would reach the final four in his 6 years of making picks.

I’m guessing he thought the Wildcats were Democrats because he picked them to make it to the championship game. Like the last election, everything with his name on it lost. They were a #1 seed but when it comes to Obama’s pick, that little fact doesn’t matter at all. Which brings us to the title of this post because, after all, it’s the Obama curse.

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This message was brought to you by George Bush Sr. and Jr. along with the whole Republican Party. OBAMA!!!  Editor’s note  ( we here at Abefinklestein do not necessarily endorse the views that Adayus Knight has about The POTUS and when those Black SUV’S pull-up and and haul him away we’ll be the first to say we never knew his azz )

The king of sports humourAdayus Knight

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