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The King of Sports HumourPLEASE EXCUSE US AS WE GO INTO OUR Bag but at some point, to all of our dedicated readers, you had to know we’d get around to doing a story like this sooner or later.

The King of Sports HumourThe King of Sports Humour
So we grabbed this little clip that highlights Illuminati like moments in The NBA, particularly those of one James Lebron, complete with eerie music and all! Boo! Are you scared? Why not you don’t believe there’s an Illuminati?

The King of Sports Humour

We ask that you open your minds to the concept that there just might be A Secret Society that plans to take over The World by using a bunch of grown men in shorts and sneakers.

And why not open your minds, Ten years ago it was pretty much unheard of for gay people to get married, now it’s practically shoved down our throat to the point where you have to accept it, and if it you don’t you’re labeled a Bigot and you also miss out on some of the most spectacular, over the top Theme Weddings that make all straight Weddings look like an episode of Mr. Rogers.( r.i.p Fred )

The King of Sports Humour
There’s a lot of talk going on about The Illuminati and everyone has an opinion on it but you know what we think? We think Tony Tiger appearing at your Breakfast Table standing up on his hind legs exposing his Testicles and wearing a red Bandana makes absolutely no sense and furthermore if this were to happen to me as a kid I would have been Deeply Traumatized for life!

But that’s besides the point, the point is this…… Um….. We have no point. Honestly who in their right mind would come to this website looking for deep inner philosophies about life, we’re not Buzzfeed or Huffington Post. Ok? So just watch the freakin video! Now if you don’t mind were gonna go have a bowl of Frosted Flakes, Tony is Waiting.

Sports Humour



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