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The King of Sports Humour​Johnny Manziel is a fun name for writers, He has a way of causing trouble and giving us something to write about even when he’s doing nothing wrong. Sadly for him, and the Cleveland Browns, Manziel is usually doing something wrong. Douchebag!

Yes! He’s always doing something wrong. Which brings us to today’s story….​As in the movie Happy Gilmore, Johnny Manziel was harassed by a spectator while shooting his round as if he were Shooter Mcgavin.

Unlike Shooter Mcgavin, who while harassed turned to see a barreling,huge monstrosity like,freak of a man and ran off, Johnny pulled, well, a Johnny move and spazzed out. Douchebag!

A fan, Chase Fritz of Plano, Texas, told Yahoo Sports that he spotted Manziel yelling at someone and, later, throwing a water bottle at the fan. Manziel missed, and the other fan responded, “Hey, nice throw, Johnny.” Manziel, according to Fritz, became “super pissed,” “took off his hat,” and began walking toward the other man. Douchebag!

There was a yellow flag thrown on the play so after the refs (In this case the refs we’re gun-less security guards you know the kind who act tough but when it comes down to it all they can do is mace you in the face! ) had a discussion with all partys, they let everyone disperse and go back to doing what they were doing.

(Not like the handcuff-less security could have done anything else anyway.) Fritz went on to have a great Twitter story. (He’s sooooo cool cause he’s trending.) Johnny went on to continue to be a disappointment to his family, friends and soon-to-be-former teammates. Douchebag!

You see Johnny is not just a Douchebag but the worlds biggest douchebag! As he gets closer and closer to throwing his NFL career away with stunts like this, in all fairness sometimes you just get mad and let it go! And really verbally give it to a person that’s bothering you.(Quick note) If you live in North Philly this will be Physical not verbal, in North Philly they don’t play or talk, they just….. We’ll never mind lets get bag to Douchebag Johnny.

So like we were saying, However when you have that NFL money going into your bank account every two weeks it’s time to walk away and calmly point out the person who’s harassing you to your huge 6-5 350 pd. security guard. Yes Johnny this is what Celebrities, Entertainers and Star Athletes have done for years.

But nooooooo! Not Johnny! Johnny’s a Douchebag who likes to throw water bottles and he’s not even good at it. And you gotta wonder is Johnny MANZIEL throwing his future away? Is Johnny Manziel in danger of being cut by The Browns?

This Has to be disturbing to the Browns, Two fold. 1- Manziel is shown himself to be a constant fool who cannot act civilized,and they unfortunately drafted him to be their future. (In their defense they’re the Browns so they’re known for ALWAYS getting it wrong.)

2- The fan was standing right there and like an open Browns receiver, Johnny missed him. Though in Johnny’s defense, the Browns rarely have receivers that can get open.

In closing we say to Mr. Manziel don’t stop doing what you’re doing cause honestly we need these theatrics to happen, cause it gives us more stuff to write about.

So we here at salute you! And Ray Rice and Warren Moon and Every other pro Athlete that goofs up cause without you there’d be no stories.

So here’s to Johnny Manziel and Douchebags everywhere, Keep Douching! We Love It!

Adayus Knight
sports humour


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