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The King of Sports HumourTHE NBA FINALS IS PRO BASKETBALL’S TOP ATTRACTION, Where The Best Players Show up to Show off and Show out! Whether it’s The Lakers vs The Miami Heat or this years edition of The Golden State Warriors vs The Cleveland Cavaliers, The absolute Best in Pro B-ball skills are on display, and you know what else is on display?

The King of Sports HumourThe King of Sports Humour


The NBA Commentators and their unique set of verbal skills that allow them to repetitively spit out the same robotic, tiresome cliche’d phrases that we’ve all come to know and despise. Cmon we all should know These Tired cliches by now, but just in case y’all forgot, we put this little list together to remind all of you that during The NBA Finals you’re practically guaranteed to hear these cliche’d phrases.

The King of Sports Humour

No. 1 – Lebron James is gonna put this team on his shoulders- Expect The Commentators to paint LeBron has some kind of Superman or Savior for the team with phrases like “if anybody can save this team, he can”. Or ” Its Amazing what Lebron can do without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love “.

The King of Sports HumourThe King of Sports Humour

No. 2 – Stephen Curry is Unstoppable- every times this man touches the ball, it’s gonna be an all out suck up fest and over praising of his talent. With phrases like “we’re possibly looking at one of the greatest guards in NBA history” or ” he’s sure to to be in The NBA Hall of Fame”  or ” That’s the Stephen Curry we know” Slurp!


No. 3- The Grit, Hustle and Determination of The Underdog Cavs- to keep the Fans mind off of what probably will be a Blowout series for Cavs, the announcers will point out these factors as to evoke a David vs Goliath Matchup! This is a good distraction tactic and it has worked in Sports for many years, as in no matter what game you watch and no matter how poorly a team is doing, the announcers have to place that seed of hope. Just ask any Sixers Fan.

 The King of Sports Humour

No. 4 – Two Rookie Coaches, One Will Win The Ultimate Prize! – This is in reference to Head Coaches David Blatt ( Cavs) and  Steve Kerr (G.S) this is the one they say at the beginning of the game and it’s clearly the most corniest cliche out of all of them but In all honesty the announcers haven’t had a chance to secretly knock down a brewski or two that’s been cleverly concealed in a Pepsi Cola cup…… It happens.


No. -5 – Oh My The Splash Brothers Have Arrived- This is of course in reference to when Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson start dropping Three Pointers, expect A Reggie a Miller or Larry Bird reference to soon follow.


We  know there are a lot more cliches we might’ve missed, so let us know if you have any, we’d love to print “em”, as more than likely we’ll probably do a follow up article to this one. Until then remember a man who eat beans and drinks Chocolate Milk is a man who stands alone! See?, how he’s in the Forrest all by himself?

The King of Sports Humour



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