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imageCHARMAINE GLOCK IS NOT MARSHAWN LYNCH’S GIRLFRIEND! At least according to his MAMA who has denied the two are a couple. Charmaine  ( pictured above ) who we seriously hope her last name is not really Glock is a complete hottie, claims they’re a couple and probably doesn’t know what Mama Lynch is talking about. But honestly do hot sexy girls have to ever understand what anyone is talking about? Delisa Lynch has went on record and said ” I ain’t never met nobody like that! That ain’t my baby girlfriend. One thing about Marshawn if he has a girlfriend his Momma knows. Wow! First we getBasketball Wives! and obviously pretty soon we’ll be getting Football Moms Starring Mama Lynch! ( hey it could happen )

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Really now? Do you also know about all those trips to the strip club that athletes take? And do you know how many dollars your son has stuffed in some strippers G string? Do ya Momma? We sense just a little overprotection  here from Momma Lynch ( and If you think about it we just dry snitched on every athlete that goes to strip clubs ) but whatever’s going on here one things for certain two things for sure…….. We know not to ask Marshawn about any of this cause as you all know…..he’s not ” “”talkin”.



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