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NEVER BEFORE IN TV HISTORY HAS THERE BEEN So many reality shows it’s like now anybody in there mama can get a reality show but nothing makes us more angrier than seeing A bunch of rich and overprivileged, Super Pretty NBA  housewife’s prancing in dancing around and fighting each other.

Wait a minute that just might not be a bad thing matter fact it’s a good thing and not only good but obviously profitable you see someone ( um obviously the producers of this show ) figured out that if you take this formula of Hot Rich Chicks fighting you basically can’t lose and guess what they are right!

The king of sports humour

I mean just take a look at this clip!  how sexy is this? they even have the nerve to slow it down and show it to you over and over again this is why and always talk about Basketball Wives and can you blame them just look at this super sexy clip! By the way this is the now infamous clip where Malaysia  punches  Sundy Carter and gives her a black eye.

The King of Sports Humour

You have to wonder if this sending the wrong message to young women, you know as in if they keep seeing this type of crap they will eventually start to imitate it and think they don’t have to work, all they have to do is marry a rich NBA player ,argue ,fight and look hot!

The King of Sports Humour

But “NOPE!” nobody cares because at the end of the day all these Women are Rich and they don’t have to lift a finger to do a days work,  They Win and that’s all society sees. And oh yea! of course they see the Boobs and The Buttcheeks!


Fact of the matter is no matter how much we try to be a civilized society deep inside were all screaming “CHICK FIGHT!” because that’s what we want to see and that’s why we posted this clip, we hope you enjoy and just remember young ladies you don’t have to grow up and be successful and go to college apparently all you have to do is marry a Rich NBA Basketball Player.


sports humour


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