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KOBE BRYANT: WHERE IS HE NOW? Kobe Bryant is still in the NBA and still plays basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. Even though his talent retired three years ago, his physical form still runs up and down a basketball court when he’s not on the disabled list. One could argue his skill has been on the disabled list since 2012. ​

Even more shockingly, well unshockingly, or kind of shockingly but not really shockingly, though it should be shocking, but it’s not that shocking, he’s finally going to do like his talent did and retire from the NBA.

Doing us all a favor so we no longer have to watch an aging cripple in a #24 jersey possibly break something whenever he touches the ball. Seriously, he breaks something every time he makes a move to the basket. Dr’s have renamed bridle bone disease to now be called Kobeitis Bryantbreakus. ​Here’s some funny one liners:

Kobe Bryant should go lie on a beach since he’s a shell of himself. Give Kobe some quarters for the dryer because he’s washed.

Kobe Bryant can no longer play basketball. That’s not a funny one liner. It’s a fact. A few weeks ago Kobe agreed with us and stated, “I freaking suck.” It’s the first time in Kobe’s career that everyone was on the same page. And that page is the last page in the final chapter of the book that was his career. A career that’s two lines away from reading “THE END.”

He’s mimicked the legend Michael Jordan throughout his career and at the end of the season will mimic him one more time and leave the court behind. That’s not entirely true because he will follow his idol into the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. I can also see him becoming part owner of a team since he’s made hundreds of millions of dollars.

So hate him or not (Hate Hate Hate) he probably doesn’t care and will smile for the rest of his life as a multi-millionaire making his way to becoming a billionaire. And I’ll be hating him as a hundredaire trying to get off welfare.

Enjoy The Video!

Adayus Knight
Sports Humour


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