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After Her Recent Controversy At a Sixers Game Involving The National Anthem, R&B Singer Seventh Streeter has decided Enough is Enough! As you all probably know by now, Seventh was not allowed to Sing The Nat’nl Ant because she was wearing a “We Matter” T shirt. Things almost got Flava Flav i mean pretty ugly there for a while.

But as of now The Sixers and Seventh have kissed and made up.

In statements released Saturday, the Sixers and Streeter said she would not only perform but she will perform Totally “Buck Naked” at the team’s Dec. 16 home game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

“After thoughtful conversation, the 76ers and Sevyn Streeter have worked together to develop a plan that will undoubtedly leave women & children shocked but put big smiles on every mans face in the Philadelphia Community,”

“This is for the children”! Said Seventh, who actually is a very good artist,

When these kids see me Singing & Gyrating Buck Naked on the Court, somehow it will Empower them to become better people.

And honestly,  Beyonce & Rihanna are dropping New CD’s like every other month, so D** mit, a Sista gotta do something in order to keep da Hell up”!

I would’ve worn a I’m a Precious Little White Woman going to The Cotillion Ball in the 1700’s, who lives a double life as an Assassinating Ninja on The Video Game Mortal Kombat type of Dress, but Young Thug already beat me too it!

If you go to The Sixers Website you can purchase tickets to this event and I’m pretty sure you’re family will have a great time!

There’ll be food fun, prizes to be had and also they’ll  be passing out One Dollar Bills and Baby Oil for the kids to Toss Money & Squirt Seventh Streeter ( stupid name btw ) so they can have a Good Ole Time!

And for For all The Men who Protest The National Anthem by sitting down, I’ll bet you there’ll be one part of your body that will be most definitely standing up!

Let’s just hope Seventh Streeter doesn’t get too Happy and decide to

—————   “BEND OVA & BUST IT WIDE OPEN”!—————-

Abe Finklestein

Sports Humour


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