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jerry jones chris christie

(Unassociated Press)  OH MY GOODNESS we cant believe this ourselves but our sources (some dude on the bus) say that he believe’s the two are an item and they have been for a while but they’re trying to pull the classic wait til your NFL team makes the playoffs meet in the sky box and everytime they score grab hug and touch each other routine that had worked so well over the years for so many athletes/governors/owners. We saw the game and let’s be honest there was a lot of unnecesary celebratory hugs. Like umm when the National Anthem was sung and everytime dallas called a huddle. Were not even gonna mention the halftime celebration of Gov. Chris Christie doing the Twerk on Jerry Jones lap and bending over and bustin it wide open! Its being said ( no it isn’t) that Jerry refers affectionately to Chris as his Fat lil sooga wooga cristie wistie and Chris calls Jerry his….. Skybox Shawty. This story was told to me by somebody on the bus whose cousin lives in cleveland but knows somebody in chicago that talks to somebody in N.J that used to have an uncle that was in the military who overheard some lady in the laundromat say that she thinks that she thought that she might’ve overheard somebody say this.



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