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The King of Sports Humour TIME HAS A LOCKHOLD ON ALL MEN. NO MAN CAN ESCAPE IT! NO MAN CAN ELUDE IT! Time has away of sneaking up on you in saying “hey there you are! Been looking for you, guess what? You’re old!” And in The Case of one Mean Mark Callaway aka The Undertaker, time has not only caught up to him but Russian Sickled him from behind, dropkicked him outta da ring and DDT’D him on the Steel Ramp! Right in front of Vince Mcmahon!

One has to think, The Undertaker is 49 which isnt Super Old, but in Wrestling years 49 is 80 and if you look at that picture above you see a beat & tired looking man whose starting to show his age. But remember folks in the World of Pro Wrestling nobody ever knows when to sitdown. Look at Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes (R.I.P) Jimmy Valiant, Terry Funk and lets not even mention The Missing Link, who in his TV Prime was easily ” Grandfather Age Material”.

The Point is Wrestlers don’t no when to stop and The Promoters, or should i say The Mcmahon’s, it surely would not be in their common interest to deter them as their names are still Big Marqee! The Undertaker has been around so long that he can actually say he was trained by The Spoiler, Thats A Long Time and honestly his body has got to be feeling it!

Once again look at that picture it says it all, It says I’ve done it all!, The Ladder Match, The Steel Cage Match, Hell in a Cell, The Barbwire Match, The Exploding Ring Match, The Barbwire Exploding Ring Match, The Boiler Room Match, The Casket Match, At least 20 Wrestlemania’s and Countless TV Tapings! That Man is Tired! What next is there for him to do? Get F4’D off the Top of A Barbwired Steel Cage into a Pit of Burning Thumbtacks? Or even worse, Sign with TNA?

*Competition: Why is it that Sting is taking on Seth Rollins instead of someone near his age group? Why is The Undertaker taking on The Likes of Brock Lesnar when he could’ve picked anybody from the locker room to go at it with just to keep his boat afloat, satisfy the fans & sell tickets. Honestly an Undertaker/Sting Card wouldve been just as effective as an Undertaker/Lesnar Card. For those who disagree, just look at the current results, Sting is hurt & Taker looks like a walking dead man.

To be honest hes always looked like a walking dead man but that was part of The Gimmick. Now its for real, once again look at that picture above and tell me you dont see Grandpa! And not just Grandpa, Methed Out Grandpa! The Undertaker is easily worth 20+ Million$ and my advice as a True Wrestling Fan is to go spend it, chill, take a Vacay & get away! Then after a few years do The Whole Undertaker is back thing but this time For Gods Sake please Wrestle Somebody your own age! And for those who disagree, i got four words for ya, ”

“Look At That Picture!”
Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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