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I Used To Call Her Princess Spaghetti!  She’s Acrobatic Sexy & Tough!  She’s Been A Big Name On The Mexican Lucha Circuit For Years & She Just Got A Huge Crossover Break With The WWE’S Mae Young Classic PPV.

Here’s Her Breakdown:

Ernestina Sugehit Salazar Martínez (born June 25, 1980) is a Mexican luchadora (Spanish for professional wrestler) who is best known under the ring name Princesa Sugehit.[3][5][6] She is working for the Mexican professional wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) portraying a ruda/heel (“bad guy”) wrestling character.

Her name has appeared differently in different publications, even her employer CMLL has not always spelled her name consistently, it has appeared as “Princesa Sujei”, “Princesa Sugey”, ‘Princesa Sujey”, “Princesa Sugeth”, “Princesa Sugehit” and variations thereof. Like Princess Spaghetti.

The Beginning:

Salazar was a fan of professional wrestling or lucha libre from a young age and was one of the first people to show up when a new wrestling school opened in her native Monterrey, Nuevo León. She was the only female in the wrestling school, which meant that the diminutive woman (1.55 m (5 ft 1 in)) had to wrestle against men as she was taught to wrestle by Bello Kalifa, Centurión Negro, and Carnicero Aguilar. Wow!  You Really Gotta Love These Super Mexican Names!  They Just Sound So Powerful.


Mae Young Classic

On June 16, 2017, WWE announced Sugehit as part of the Mae Young Classic.[6][24] On August 28, Sugehit defeated Kay Lee Ray in the first round.[25] On September 4, Sugehit was eliminated in the second round by Mercedes Martinez.[2

This Is A Quick Breakdown Of Her Career & I Want To Take This Time To Congratulate Her & The WWE For Recognizing Her & Deservedly Placing Her Into Their New But Much Heralded Women’s PPV, The Mae Young Classic!

It Was A Breath Of Fresh Air To See One Of The Top Female Luchadores In The Business Get Recognized , Courted, Hired & Placed On The Largest Wrestling Platform There Is. The WWE aka The Mcmahons!

If The Mcmahons Wanna Do Business With You, That’s The Ultimate!  But Once Again I Have To Congratulate Them For This Move Cause If You Look At Their Women’s Division The Primary Selling Component Is Sex.

But With The Mexican Female Luchadores The Primary Selling Component Is Highly Skilled Acrobatic Action! The Talent Margin Is Excellent. So Seing As Though The Mcmahons Have Such A a Different Philosophy In Presenting Women’s Wrestling, I Was Pleasntly Surprised At The Addition Of Princessa Sugehit At The Mae Young Classic.

Let’s Hope The Mcmahons Continue This Thinking In The Future By Signing More Great Female Luchadores, We All Know Taya Valkrye Failed But What About Marcela ,Kiera & La Jarochita? Oh Well…. Time Will Tell.

Abe Finklestein
Sports News &  Humor


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