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When Howie Roseman Gets On A Roll Nobody Can Stop Him! When he gets ta Wheeling & Dealing its best to just leave him alone cause when he’s in that zone there’s just no talking to him.

“We’ve all seen Howie just blank out and go a little trade crazy” said one High Ranking Eagles Executive who i shall not name. Not out of respect but because he basically told me if i told anyone his name, he would F**k Me Up Real Bad!

“Here’s The Deal! After The Bradford Trade to Minnesota, Howie was Drunk with Power! He was totally feeling his self, I mean walking round with 2 Chicks on his arm, wearing a Fur Coat & lighting Cigars off of 100$ bills”! When one of the Waterboys came up and said

Waterboy: Hey Roseman who ya gonna trade next?  Chase Daniels?

Howie: Well Who’s asking?

Waterboy: Im Asking!

Howie: You would need a lot Kid.

Waterboy: Oh Yea? Well I Got Something way Bigger than a lot!

Howie: What’s Bigger than alot?

Waterboy: I got a Pack of Olskool Grape Bubble Yum! Long lasting Flavor!

Howie: Is it really long lasting flavor or are you just saying that?

Waterboy: Im definitely just saying that!

At that point Howie Roseman rubbed his chin as if in deep thought, his eyes briefly drifted towards the sky before he threw down his Cigar, looked the Waterboy right in the eye and said…..

“You got a deal Waterboy! Let me get dat gum and somebody tell Chase to go pack his sh*t!” At this point, A Bunch Eagles Executives came rushing in to try to nullify the trade but the Waterboy called out Keepsy Weepsies! And no Take Backsies!

Howie Roseman took to Twitter to express the Trade to The Fans with this Highly Professional Statement.

“Look! Qaurterback’s In this League, Come & Go All The Time, But The Long Lasting Flavor of Grape Bubble Yum Stays Forever”!

Abe Finklestein
Sports Humour


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