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The King of Sports Humour

EVAN MATHIS IS NOW A DENVER BRONCO. Even if it is for less money. Less money? Yes less money, but hey it happens! This is The NFL and Players move around but when they move around they usually get more money, Evan didn’t! However he did get picked up by The Denver Broncos, A Contending Team & he was looked at by The Seattle Seahawks but the money he was asking for was too much. So he signed with the Broncs for 2.5 million with a chance to make 4 million.

But he walked away from 5.5, well at least that’s what he wanted But he didn’t get it. But look on the Bright Side, he now gets to play with Peyton Manning and you know what folks that just might be worth taking 1.5 million less. P.s (no it’s not!) as Peyton realistically only has 1-2 good yrs. left in him.

Evan Mathis agreed Tuesday to a one-year deal with the Denver Broncos worth a maximum of $4 million if he meets incentives, according to sources ( it’s always the sources who are these dang sources?)

Well anyways, this same Source said he had an offer for up to $5.5m for (his deal in Philly) but opted for a contender. His deal in Denver is worth 4 million.

Seattle just couldn’t afford the deal because they only have less than $5 million in salary cap room for 2015, after signing up linebacker Bobby Wagner & QB Russell ( I’m not bangin Ciarra ) Wilson to Big money long term type deals. So they really wanted to do it, But Seattle just couldn’t swing that deal.

So Mathis will instead head to Denver and play with Peyton( my hairline is beginning to look a lot like George Jefferson’s hairline) Manning.

The King of sports humour
Mathis, 33, was released in June from the Eagles after a long azz contract dispute. The Broncos will be his fifth team, Dizamn Evan! Sounds like you been Gettin your Pimp on! Lol what we meant to say is Good Luck Evan with your new team. And oh yeah one more thing, Evan Mathis is not related to Judge Mathis. Umm….. Just puttin that out there just in case anybody was confused.

Sports Humour


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